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From professionals,
for professionals.

Unreasonably high fees from around € 15,- per hour

Unsolicited sliding of resumes

Aggressive approaches for irrelevant assignments

Too little information to make an informed choice

No direct communication with the employer

Low fee from employer, merely € 6,50 per hour

Instant matching

Only being approached when available

Relevant assignments with clear description

Instant communication with employer


Matching based on your skills

The rise of data analytics has resulted in organizations increasingly making ‘data-driven’ decisions when hiring professionals. Our advanced algorithm matches to the employers’ job description based on skills, qualifications, certifications, experiences and character traits of a professional, among others. This happens by means of machine learning.

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Be in control

Instant communication with the employer

Resume sliding mentality? Not at InterimLife: you will have instant communication with the employer. The ‘resume sliding mentality’ is outdated; with us you will only receive relevant and well-matched assignments. No mismatch between assignments. Never another intake interview where you will wonder ‘What am I doing here?’.

Never another mismatch

Smart algorithms &
Machine Learning

Current market
of the provided resumes score less than a 6 on relevance.
of the candidates are not a good match with the assignment description.
score in the extent to which softskills come forward.
of our profiles are a relevant match to the assignment.

Be instantly found by employers

Get approached instantly by employers and receive only relevant assignments.
Register fast and simple.
Update your profile; with a complete profile instantly a successful match.
View the assignments relevant to you.
Express your interest and set up the intake interview with the employer.
InterimLife handles all administrative issues.
Free for interim professionals.
The employer pays only € 6.50 per hour.
You can contact us for support at any time.
Our guaranty

Always a good match

Only relevant assignments, no resume sliding, fair pricing and instant communication with the employer after an established match.
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Discount on insurance
Self-employed professionals affiliated with InterimLife receive a 7.5% discount on the premium of an Occupational Disability Insurance with Centraal Beheer
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Frequently asked questions
What makes your platform different?
Instant, factual matching based on data. This means no filters, no resume sliding culture and definitely no mediating party in between without knowledge. All our attention is focused on making the right match. We are from professionals, to professionals.
Why ‘from professionals to professionals’?
We ourselves, are professionals, and have experienced the current market ourselves as well. With this platform we provide a solution for the sliding of resumes, unreasonable fees and the lack of well-described assignments (coming to an interview and thinking ‘What am I doing here?’), among others.
Is the platform free of charge?
The platform is not free of charge, but we charge just a small fee to the employer. This fee is, amongst other things, being used to further develop and optimize our platform. Furthermore, we are actively recruiting assignments for you and we open up this network to you. Because of this you can solely focus on your own InterimLife profile.
How soon can I expect an assignment?
Of course, we cannot state this. However, when an assignment is being placed you will be matched to it within seconds. Then, employers can invite you instantly to an intake interview. With relevant assignments, in which you are ranked as the top 3, you will receive an instant notification so you can express interest yourself as well.
How do I increase my chances?
Our platform works according to honest matching; by filling out your profile completely, you will increase the chances of more data being available to the algorithm. Furthermore, we offer a free profile scan through which we can strategize with you on how to optimize your chances.
With what else can InterimLife help me?
Besides the platform on which we instantly match you to relevant assignments, we also offer more. We have developed a Secondment resume (optimized for the interim market) through which you can professionally present yourself. We also offer training for conducting intake interviews and we offer aftercare during your assignment.
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